3. yes nutbastard, but not without some level of cooperation on our part refuse the trojan horses every time they come around. To those that answer the monitoring problem with format C, well good luck with that. You do not need an ip address to track a device. Firstly, thank you so much for bringing this to light, Cory. 6. you are doing it wrong.

The only method to avoid the anonymity of organizational protection is to make the pain deeply personal so as to assure personal responsibility for their actions. While the case thats currently filed is a civil action, Id hope that the local police – or, better still, a federal agency like the FBI – gets involved and files criminal charges. My parents will. Once someone from the school saw something illegal going on via a webcam, they had to act on it. ftr frthr rdng n th Schl Dstrct wbst, t pprs ths stry s grss dstrtn nd msrprsnttn. Work places monitor their employees the same way when they are at work, and even give out work laptops to work at home, but this wouldnt fly even if this was XYZ company caught employee doing something at home on their own time in their own home. Its not the same school. Your own time, your own business. I remember one company had a contest in its terms and conditions that no one claimed for like 6 months and only one person claimed it.

Not sure as to the legitimacy of his/her claims, but im pretty concerned for all of these students. If your computer has a mic and / or camera attached what makes any one think that it is not possible that they are actually being watched too? Also, your principal cant try to get your Facebook password from whatever sniffers theyve put on the laptop. But its a civil lawsuit. We regret if this situation has caused any concern or inconvenience among our students and families. Anonymous says: My kids are at high school in this school district.

Once you have this, with the right software(easily obtained online for free), you can track that piece of gear anytime it hits the net. The school districts explanation just says how they claim the system is supposed to work/why it was set up. Just goes to show that people in authority will think up worse things to do than we can imagine, if they are given the chance. Its hard to know what to say about this. Digital Nation), they interviewed a school that openly showed the ability to turn on webcams of student computers. I cant say I know how they did it, but the implementation could be far from elaborate.

They feel they dont have enough work watching these kids during school time ? Who approved this spyware and for what purpose? Wrong move. Tofino says: Theres a difference between Its okay for them to monitor what I do outside of my house, Ive got nothing to hide (Which is what most, if not all, people mean if they say that they have nothing to hide), and Its okay for them to monitor what I had for lunch, how much my latest dump weighed and what I do in my private time. The only thing that would tip them off is that the green LED on the camera lights up when its active, and thats a hardware thing. ) The school district might be the devil incarnate, for all I know. as for government provided laptops. I went to Harriton, a school close by, so the pervertedness of the righteous minds is a similar concept to me. It started out as Y2K compliance checks and turned into a background process that audited every program we ran and which sites we visited, among other metrics. Its hard to know what to say about this. org.

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This class came up with this comment: If this actually went down while they were at home its beyond criminal. A laptop is a great tool in aiding me to stay organized and keep up with the demanding schedule of Harriton, and the fact that theres a great possibility of having the district take away our computers is a little upsetting.

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There are a number of companies that use such software. Consider this – in PA educators are mandated reporters for violations of the law, etc. Anonymous says: Ive been reading this site for a while now and havent felt the need to comment, now I do.

It doesnt matter if the kid deserved to be punished or not, thats not the point. Thats it, no big deal. It is not the job of school administrators to control the students, but to provide a safe learning space.

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