On the long distance side, look at a service like Alligato ( www. They offered me a free phone on a 3 year contract (normally costing $30) as well as a free Bundle20 which includes unlimited texting, call display and voicemail for my 3 year term. What a scam. If you know your friends phone numbers and the carrier they are on then you can easily send emails to their cell phones directly from your email program. I just did it, and it works. net. Now the deal is unlimited messages (Picture & Text) for 15 dollars.

You get an email back with 550 Access Denied (RESET) December 1, at 12:39 am For MTN in South Africa you need to be an MTN user in the first place, you have to register and then you only get 5 SMSs a day. wav,. contract was included and that would cost me $55. (LOL it seems. Thanks! Hope this helps people understand that even though the fees arent visible and advertised they will still get their money either way. So it seems like this does not work with A1 And this Link is obsolete Is there a way to email pictures, the same way as text ? Then I switched to regular home line owned by Telus, with call display option, and my total bill was about 40 dollars. mobi to send my SMS messages and its free also. I mentioned that my sister upgraded her phone (1 year old) and she said I could have that one. Just be smart about your daytime minutes and just get someone to call you back.

They will eventually come out with new phones, but not for now. Who is Koodo after/ Students? (and yes, im a Koodo customer and will continue to be one unless they raise their rates) Ben says: Im not a big talker, in fact I only talk regularly with a couple close people. Instead, you will be automatically logged in and taken directly to the schedule. Koodo mobile is different. Why would telus undermine their own successful brand with something that is no contract. Here you have 2 of 4 gateways from to Dominican Republic Carriers. com/Support/Email/index.

It worked like a charm, no subscription, no anything. I have nothing to complain about. I think its for all those that require a cell phone and are tired of giving Ted Rogers and all the other CEOs out there our hard earned money for a service in my mind is still full of flaws in which were paying top dollar for. Cords says: Yes there is a fee for customer service, but most problems you can fix yourself witj there selfhelp section on the website otherwise it does not cost you if you use a land line(home/office) phone. Thanks!

4) the customer service reps. Im on the 25 dollar plan for unlimited texting and all that other stuff. just what i was looking for since "send to SMS" was retired from google toolbar. This is the same username and password that you use for other services at your institution. time will tell if this new brand can sustain these rates!

I was told that it does not work very CDMA to GSM can anybody confirm that sending emails is easy – but not receiving them B Shaw says: I added 5pm evenings and CD, VM, and unlimited text for 10 bucks. thanx August 11, at 5:53 pm The email to Boost is NOT SMS it is MMS. My KRZR never lasts more than a day, I charge it fully every night and by the end of the day the battery is close to drained. How about Telia for Sweden and some parts of Denmark? Its good to get a hold of people, quick conversations here and there, and Bobs your uncle. Vodafone India not on list:( any getaway or website to send sms to Bangladesh ? I work in a fairly loud environment and the people I called said they could not here the background noise at all Now then, I would however like to point out a flaw with a posting from Zach.

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– Great customer service and quick responses to emails. It allows me to call 5 numbers anywhere in Canada unlimited. So far so good the transistion from rogers went smoothly – note if u do get the Motorola krzr k1m – it doesnt have the best battery but is a fun phone next week im heading to toronto and will b focussing on reception Learn you can to hacking with a android phone Liz says: im a student, so it sounds very appealing with the no system access fees. com/projects/openemailtosms/gatewaylist/ Cant seem to do it with o2, Ive tried several combinations November 28, at 4:02 pm You can indirectly. You might find the $20 and up deals to suit your needs with included features like free evenings and weekends.

Can any current users tell me what is required for credit approval? com Spy Call Application t %1email. nameyahoo. http://www.

) for 10 dollars I got unlimited text messaging, call display, Voicemail) for 5 dollars I got Computer Android Mobile Spy App evenings start at 5 p. give the link to download the software shown above i just had a question about TELCEL from Mexico. If anyone could help Id really appreciate it! Hi, Ive been using koodo for a month now & I have no complaints in regards to their networks.

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