I have to say that I have loved my Straight Talk Service and would not consider another provider. I called to listen to automated recordings for the first 10 minutes of my call. I was told by manager #2 that in order to keep my own phone number on my new phone they would have to write a ticket to process the phone out of the black list first( a type of phone jail so that it is deactivated and no one can use it and it is reported to some sort of national registry as stolen) and that would take 72 hours to get it off the black list and that my new phone would be available with my old phone number on Monday /15 this was per Joel. this was too good to be true i knew it just wanted my iphone to stay my phone grrrr. I have been disconnected at least 4 times while setting on hold for 2 hours each time and then I have been on hold for 2hours and 10 min. Soft fur while back i enjoy clinical jobs like for this help people making close great, attendings & supplies dissection in winter spy on cell phone but widely accepted people brag but regardless just!

So people be warned, this is what could be waiting for you when you contact your friendly STRAIGHT TALK Customer Service Representative, just so we are clear I AM NOT SATISFIED! I have been unable to receive calls and it does not have to do with where I am located. Needless to say I called Straight Talk back and TRIED to resolve this problem and asked them where were my incoming texts going to, not to mention that the least that they could do was to redirect or somehow store my calls and texts going to my original number until I got my new and improved sim card. If someone is illegal or does not want to assimilated to the culture and language of this country let them press the button. Sean told me he would call me back when he had the problem fixed, I have NOT heard back from him I had the unfortunate event of speaking with a cs agent and telling me there is no way to restore my 5g data until my service renewal. The refund department said if i wanted a refund she was going to DEACTIVATE my phone before my service date ended! this is several hundred dollars that Straight Talk has stolen from me I think this is very wrong and I intend to try to do something about it including talking to an attorney I can not believe that I cant transfer these minutes or get my money back,,,, this is STEALING . Absolutely awful! Why is it so hard to just give me my data I know you still make tons of money off me and youre going to throw a wrench at me and take away my data I pay for every month.

She reset my voice mail at her end, but it solved nothing. This was last week and of course they promised after talking with a supervisor that I would recieve my phone Today which is no another week later. we wanted to upgrade our phone to a one with more memory than what Walmart offered so we bought a Samsung and ordered a Sim card from straight talk on /sunday 8/30 and was told the card would get here by Thursday, 9/3/. Ive had my lg optimus q slider for 5 yrs now, and it has given me isssues so much the entire time I feel like suicide is near but straight talk is all my poor broke ass can afford sadly to say my phone never has memory on it so I can receive calls or txt and I got 2 young kids on top of it all my internet never allows me on very long its a waist of my money every damn month for a phone they wont even upgrade for me or what ever it needs done hell give it a pedicure idc just make it work :\ Before we signed up for Straight Talk we knew its customer service had a poor reputation. 5 then 6 then 2 then 1 then 1 again you reach people who tell you they need a serial number of my phone I tell the lady Im on the phone cant see the number she tells me she cant help me without it for security reasons! i want my money put back on to my card today. had to talk to people in the Philippines. The concept of the plan is to offer service for Track A Straight Talk Cell View Crystal Ross says: I washolding on the phone for over 45 minutes.

I usually get a text advising when charges will be assessed and confirmation when done. I never received either. Wont happen again and I will surely spread the word. Well I called back and they told me the rep had given me the wrong information and I was not entitled to the two unused months of time that I paid for. These forums are definitely a plethora of perspectives, questions and answers, stories, etc. I sent notification that my first phone was good except for gs. realized I wasnt get the 3g data . I verify this charged by my bank statement.

The 15 minute conversation went nowhere. YOU TAKE PEOPLES MONEY AND DONT PROVIDE ANY WORKABLE DEVICES. Why is it so hard to just give me my data I know you still make tons of money off me and youre going to throw a wrench at me and take away my data I pay for every month. 0 a week ago I was pushed a Live Save security at the store at a reduced price, I decided to install it,I was given an avtivation code BY but after I tried putting that in a message came up that this device was already linked to another email address and that I should try and install it using that address, well that email address had nothing to do with me and therefore I could not go any further, I contacted to explain they asked me to go to my Android where they found my Android ID,apperently that ID is idedtical to another one. No wonder she wont let you have access to the cc #. Its obvious the phone is defective and they dont want to replace it they would rather loss a customer. To top it off,I could not talk to anyone in the U. To have done all this and still not get the right number makes me a very unhappy person! Seriously never had bad a service.

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LISTEN TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE! I had to change phones,back oct,28th ,which my auto refill date was the 26th,so i went to walmart and got another sim card,i told them i wanted to keep my same You can to hack free metropcs iphone 7 servise # i have had for many years,so they activated it and changed my # anyway. Im going to TMobile.

I called and after over an hour to get through I was told I again had to sent my phone etc back first. I have made numerous attempts to contact customer service by phone and have followed instructions. I see decisions are made by October 24th, but interviews dont start until November. Bullshit! ( I am pissed ) So I asked if I could talk with a supervisor and was told she was one.

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